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Welcome to The PT Space. Earl Shilton's top personal training facility, located on Keats Lane. We provide our clients with the highest quality training and nutrition programs, designed to leave them both looking and feeling good at the same time. Contact us today to book your free consultation.

The PT Space Earl Shilton Personal Trainer

why choose us?

Exercise plans made for you and your body. Removing aches and pains, not adding new ones.

Nutrition plans designed to help you hit your health and fitness goals.

Support and guidance both inside and outside of the studio, as and when you need it.

Education surrounding the whys and hows, so you learn to make informed decisions for yourself.

Private studio environment for just you and your personal trainer.

The PT Space Personal Training Earl Shilton
"I’ve been seeing Sam for about 4 months and all I can say is WOW!

From day 1 he has listened when I’ve talked about what I want to achieve and has built tailored workouts that are helping me get to the end goal. He has also advised me on nutrition, which he is very knowledgable on and I have completely transformed my relationship with food because of this.

The studio itself is a 1-2-1 workout space which means it is a safe environment to experiment with new exercises without fear of being judged.

Since I started seeing Sam my physical and mental health has improved drastically and I have started to enjoy working out again.

I would definitely recommend Sam and the PT space to anyone."
- Mark. L
"I have been working with Sam for over 3 years and have improved my strength and fitness, which is really important to me as a woman of a certain age!! Sam works out a bespoke session each time that ensures I progress with my goals. Sam provides a safe space for anyone that might feel uncomfortable in a more busy gym."
- Lindsay. O
The PT Space Earl Shilton Personal Training

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The PT Space Earl Shilton Personal Training
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