The PT Space is Barwell's only private, personal training facility located on Dawsons Lane. The aim here is to be a part of the change of standards within the industry. We take what we do seriously, and provide top class resistance training and physique transformation based training. 


the space

• Concept 2 Rowing Machine

• Power Rack

• Olympic Lifting Platform

• 20kg Olympic Bar & 2.5kg Practice Bar

• 157.5kg of Bumper Plates

• 4-20kg Kettlebells

• 1-30kg Dumbbells

• Dual Cable Machine with 2x 150 pound stacks


why us?


The time we spend together on the studio floor is only a fraction of your week. What you do outside of this time is very important when it comes to your goals, so we'll be on hand to support you during this time. We do this by giving you your own data led program to follow, as well as having access to your PT's mobile number and email address.



No two people that step into our studio are the same, and your program should reflect this. Our PT's understand and have a passion for biomechanics. Meaning everything you do will not only be appropriate for your goals and skill level, but also your body.

evidence based methods

Everything we do is backed by science. We're not interested in the latest fads or trends.


Understanding the 'why' behind something is crucial when trying to develop a skill or build a habit. Our sessions are built to not only get you results, but educate you. Our studio is full of anatomy posters, models, and technology that allows us to show you what we see.


join the

pt space community

We're about community here at The PT Space. The one thing that binds us all together is a want to get better at everything we do. Education is a big part of this. Our emails aren't packed full of spam and sales pitches. They're packed full of advice, free workouts and updates that will help you with your health and fitness goals. We even include some competitions every now and again. Join the community today by filling in the form. Welcome to the studio!


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