For Those Who Demand The Best

The PT Space is Barwell's biggest and best, private, personal training facility.

The number one aim here at The PT Space is to be a part of the positive change in standards within the industry. If you're looking to just turn up and lift some weights, you're in the wrong place. We offer a premium personal training service to those who are ready to make a big change.

Our second aim is to create an environment that is welcoming and accepting of everybody that walks through the door. Whether you've been training weekly for the past 5 years, or you've never stepped foot in a gym before, all skill levels and abilities are welcome. We all started somewhere.

So, who is the face ready to help you within The PT Space?

sam barnes

Founder & Personal Trainer


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer (2018)

  • Pre-Script Barbell Coach - taught under founder Dr. Jordan Shallow D.C. (2020)

  • The Muscle Mentors Exercise Mechanics 2 Day Practical Camp (2021)

  • Integra Exercise Lab 2 Day Practical (2022)

  • First Aid At Work

For as long as I can remember sport has been a big part of my life. From a young age I played football every week for a number of different clubs, as well as attending trials for Leicester City FC. After picking up a copy of a bodybuilding magazine at the age of 14 my whole life changed, and my obsession with the world of lifting weights began.

My passion and love for the gym led me into the world of personal training and online coaching. I passed my Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification in 2018, and instantly started up my own online coaching business. Over time this took off, and to date I have had the pleasure of working with clients based all over the globe (America, Norway, Italy and Spain to name just a few!).

In December 2019 I opened the doors to The PT Space for the first time, with the mission to offer the highest quality personal training service possible to my local community.

Everything I do here is based around science, with my particular love being biomechanics. This simply means I combine my knowledge of anatomy and physics to put together programs that leave you looking and feeling good. Weight training shouldn't leave your joints crying out.

On my mission to offer the highest quality personal training service, I've found myself learning from some of the best in the industry. This includes Dr Jordan Shallow D.C. (founder of the Canadian S&C company Pre-Script), and The Muscle Mentors over here in the UK.

Quite simply, I want to work with you if you demand the best. Let's get to work.