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Here at The PT Space, we don't like to do things by half. Your average PT will get you to sign some paperwork before cramming in your first training session. We like to let you come down and get to know us first, by offering you a free consultation and taster session. There's no obligation to sign up for more sessions after. Just come down and get to know what we're about!

Have you had one of our advertising leaflets come through your door? Bring it along to your consultation and get your first one hour PT session for free!

What Happens During My Free Consultation & Taster Session?

To put it simply, we'll say hey, grab a coffee, take a seat and get to know each other and get in a quick workout together.


The longer version looks like this...


First off you'll fill in a client profile form. This will ask you questions about you, your current lifestyle and exercise history. You'll also fill in something called a PAR-Q. This will help us to make sure you're ready to have a go at one of our training plans. 

Next up we'll discuss goals. Everyone that comes to The PT Space has a goal in mind and every one of them is different. It could be you want to lose 10kg, you might want to train for a 5K run or you might want to gain some size ready for your next beach holiday. Whatever it is, we'll write it down so we can create a plan that will help you hit it.

Finally we'll tour the studio and get in a workout. Here at The PT Space we have a whole range of equipment in our private gym. From the dumbbells to the power rack, you can hit every muscle with us. Our taster session will show you what we're all about. I'll take you through a warm-up, a workout based around your goals and a cool-down.

There's no pressure to sign up for any more sessions after you've had your consultation. We know for a lot of people choosing a personal trainer is a big decision but, when you've decided you want to go ahead, we'll set you up with a membership account on this website so you have the option to book your sessions from the comfort of your own home.

1-2-1 pt sessionS

1x 30 Minute PT Session - £17.50

4x 30 Minute PT Sessions - £15 Per Session (£60)

8x 30 Minute PT Sessions - £13.50 Per Session (£108)

12x 30 Minute PT Sessions - £12 Per Session (£144)

1x One Hour PT Session - £30

4x One Hour PT Sessions - £27 Per Session (£108)

8x One Hour PT Sessions - £25 Per Session (£200)

12x One Hour PT Sessions - £23 Per Session (£276)

Available to book after your free consultation.

partner pt sessionS

1x One Hour PT Session - £20 PP

4x One Hour PT Sessions - £17 PP, Per Session (£68 PP)

8x One Hour PT Sessions - £15 PP, Per Session (£120 PP)

12x One Hour PT Sessions - £13 PP, Per Session (£156 PP)

Available to book after your free consultation.


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